08 October 2008

My α Journey (I am a Alpha Male yet?!)

Yup! That is the choice i made.. Thanks to my brother ( an Alpha Male also) successfully poison me to join the Alpha Legion. And you know? Im loving every second of it. Dont give a damm with others. Hehehe like.no.other they said. After a long...long research (waaargh) through out forums (thanks all al LY, AlphaPhoto and AMC) And now i truly believe it! So with some money left after quitting my job, i've made my journey to the metropolitan=KL Sony Here i Come! Lastly i have my precious A300x in my hand (thanks FOTO EDAR!). Journey back with JOY! woohooo!!

p/s This is my first noob shot actually. So excuse the noobness of it :)

Testing bokeh...1..2..3..click! click!