16 October 2008

MULAI SEKARANG....VERSI Bahasa Malaysia!

Start from now my blog will be fully in Malay Language. Cintailah Bahasa Kebangsaan Kita! Will put some usefull tools and freeware to download. Ok? Sekarang di persembahkan lagu dari seorang dj yg tak berapa di kenali tapi lagu beliau gempak siot!

DJ Vileclaw
SweetDream Nightmare Mix

08 October 2008

My precious... Alpha Epilogue...

So the journey continue...
With every shutter counts and the image that i found, the feeling that i get. It so satisfying. Its molded into a dream that i thought could be true. And the big question lingers in my mind...
How long i will be faithful to Sony? Thats the question that Sony can answer. Overwhelm us with your generosity and many follower will follow. Been an alpharian or alphanatic brings new meaning to the term "online community" that i never though before. Helping other member like brothers. Such a warm feeling like having your own family online. And i know that im hooked when refresh button become my friend in every 5 seconds. You will be too... once you have the taste of it....


Satisfiying my dream... Alpha journey continue

Finally a job that i like and alpha300 in hands with a itchy finger on shutter. Loving every second with it. The performance just what i expected from it (the spec alone beat all in it class..he..he..). Just a right tools for my recent job as a wedding photographer. But nevertheless, every time i go to a wedding assigment.. my alpha never fail to be the center of attention, amaze people in such ways (live view of course!)
Q - Wow! This camera can do that aa?
A - Of course! It a Sony!
Q - Must cost you a fortune right?
A - Nope! Quality build with cheaper price...
(people walks away with envy in their eyes... Job well done!)

p/s feel free to reach me if you like my work :)

Attention! Equip yourself soldier! Journey Continue..

Now that i have an alpha in hands, time to put it to work.. chasing my dream as a fulltime photographer. Finally an opportunity approach at Jangguttouch Studio as a graphic designer cum photographer. They specialize in wedding photography. What a relief! (got a good sifu for start...how lucky can you get?) Yup! and the first think that they ask me...
Q - What gear you have?
A - A Sony..
Q - Hmm... so rare brand..
A - Yup!
Q - Why?
A - Camera just a tools but talent thats counts...
Q - Hmm... thats right.. your in!
A- Yahoo!!! Jackpot!!

Some of my wedding collection

My α Journey (I am a Alpha Male yet?!)

Yup! That is the choice i made.. Thanks to my brother ( an Alpha Male also) successfully poison me to join the Alpha Legion. And you know? Im loving every second of it. Dont give a damm with others. Hehehe like.no.other they said. After a long...long research (waaargh) through out forums (thanks all al LY, AlphaPhoto and AMC) And now i truly believe it! So with some money left after quitting my job, i've made my journey to the metropolitan=KL Sony Here i Come! Lastly i have my precious A300x in my hand (thanks FOTO EDAR!). Journey back with JOY! woohooo!!

p/s This is my first noob shot actually. So excuse the noobness of it :)

Testing bokeh...1..2..3..click! click!

Fuyooohh! Now I have a blog! Now the journey begins..TO THE "ALPHANESS"!

Wow! At last.. a blog for my self. Maybe it take me too long to finely have it actually. Have to quit my secure job and such...bla...bla... But at last, here i am. Not to bored you all with detail about a no body like me... just go straight to topic.

Now begin the journey... to find my endless love of my life... PHOTOGRAPHY!